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Sean Carey is an Emmy award winning music producer, recording engineer, musician and songwriter. He is the music director and vocal producer for acclaimed Netflix series Motown Magic and Beat Bugs and has worked with industry greats such as Cat Stevens, Don Was, Daniel Johns and Skylar Grey in many iconic studios such as Capitol Records, Village Records LA, Germano NYC and 301, Sing Sing and Trackdown Studios in Australia. He is the former guitarist for 5 time ARIA nominated, multi platinum selling band Thirsty Merc and is currently working in the beautiful Church St Studios complex in Camperdown, Australia.  

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Motown Magic NETFLIX


Recent artists include:

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), Sklyar Grey, Jonah Nilsson, Julia Stone, Chris Bailey, The Saints, Gilberto G, Lisa Mitchell, Andy Bull, Daniel Johns, Mike Yung, Meg Mac, Merpire, iOTA, Brendan McClean etc... 

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Church Street Studios, Sydney

Church St Studios

Church St Studios is an incredible recording studio  which houses Australia's best producers and composers for film and TV. It has several hireable studios as well as writing spaces. Alongside the great, talented people and beautiful environment, you'll find sort after recording equipment such as Neve, Neumann, Coles, Focal, Dynaudio, Universal Audio, SSL as well as stacks of classic vintage guitars, amps, drum kits and several pianos.

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